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The Growing Migration Trend From Silicon Valley To Miami

Posted by Rosi Arriaga on 3 March, 2021

The number of relocations from Silicon Valley to Miami is on the rise, and there is new data to prove it.

Meghan Maloof Berdellans, who runs the executive relocation firm S&S Global, told the New York Times that she has been moving two executives from San Francisco or New York to Miami every week.

Berdellans called the trend “a mass techxodus.”

The New York Times article examined how the trend was being encouraged by billionaires who were moving here.

Another website called moveBuddha has released a study that shows a definite and growing movement to relocate from Silicon Valley to Miami.

The first data point is Twitter: the phrases “move to miami”, “moved to miami”, and “moving to miami” are up sharply in recent months, according to an analysis of 42,000 tweets.

Google Trends also shows a sharp rise in search terms such as “move to miami.”

An analysis of 400,000 moves facilitated by the website showed Miami has also seen a sharp rise in relocations to the city in the second half of 2021, while San Francisco saw a sharp rise in those moving out.

San Francisco has now become the second-ranked city where those relocating to Miami are coming from, behind only New York.

Miami still ranks relatively low on the list of cities where San Franciscans are moving to, but the number is on the rise.

Twitter trends:

Google trends:

moveBuddha trends:

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